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The Top 10 iPhone Accessories

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Did you just get an iPhone as a gift (or as a gift to yourself)? Are you wondering which accessories are the ones that will be the "can't-live-without" add-ons? Check out Ryan Faas' list of top cases and must-haves, including options for using your favorite headphones instead of those white earbuds that Apple includes with each iPhone.
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Like this article? We recommend

Even before the iPhone was released in June, companies were lining up to develop accessories for it. Like the iPod, the iPhone now has a whole satellite industry surrounding it that is devoted to improving and safeguarding the iPhone.

So whether you’re a new iPhone owner shopping for a case, you’re an experienced iPhone owner looking to get more from your sleek handset, or you are shopping for a gift for the iPhone owner in your life, check these top 10 iPhone accessories.

iPhone Cases

The most common iPhone accessories are cases of various sorts. Cases protect an iPhone against bumps, scratches, and falls.

They also add personal style and make the iPhone easier to carry around while you’re running errands or working out.

Incase Leather and Canvas Fitted Sleeves

First up for cases are Incase’s Fitted Sleeves for the iPhone. These sleeves, available in both leather and canvas (canvas is not currently listed on the company’s website, but is available from the Apple Store) are form-fitting and provide easy access to the touch screen as well as the ports and button on the edges of the iPhone and the camera.

The sleeves come with a built-in belt, which is among the best belt clips on any iPhone case.

The fitted design avoids unneeded bulk, making the Incase sleeves comfortable to wear on your belt or carry with you.

In a variety of color choices, all of which add a nice sense of style to the iPhone’s sleek look, these sleeves make an excellent choice for protecting your iPhone and making it easy to carry at the same time.

Marware Sidewinder

The Marware Sidewinder is an ingenious rubberized holster that is perfect for someone who uses the iPod capabilities of the iPhone more frequently than the phone features.

The Sidewinder is a minimal hard plastic case that clips onto the back or front of the iPhone (clipping to the front helps protect the screen somewhat) and offers a 360-degree rotating belt clip. The clip is also designed to function as a stand for viewing video on the iPhone.

A feature unique to the sidewinder is a retractable cable winder for the iPhone’s headphones (similar to that found on a MacBook’s power adapter), which solves the problem of tangled-up head wires that often occurs when you’re not listening to the iPhone and stick the headphones in your pocket.

Belkin Sport Armband

For people who want an armband to listen to the iPhone while jogging or working out, Belkin’s Sport Armband is a great choice.

The neoprene armband with an integrated case is hand-washable (which is important in a case that you’ll be wearing while sweating), includes a small key pouch, and keeps the iPhone very snug and secure while in use.

The plastic screen cover protects against bumps or scratches (although it can make the touch screen a little less responsive). The overall design protects very well, although it does cover most buttons and ports in doing so (the volume buttons can be accessed through pressure points on the case itself).

If you’re looking for an armband, Belkin is probably the best option out there.

iSkin Revo

The iSkin Revo is one of the most popular cases on the market. Available in several colors, the Revo is designed primarily to protect the iPhone against scratches and bumps.

The Revo includes protective covers over the iPhone’s ports and buttons as well as the housing of the iPhone, and offers a textured surface on all edges for better grip (and therefore less likely drops).

The surfaces also sport an anti-dust coating and anti-microbial materials. The Revo also comes with a clear screen protector and privacy/glare filters.

Although a good choice for protecting the iPhone, it doesn’t include a belt-clip. iSkin does make a revoClip holster, but it ships separately for an additional price.

Speck Toughskin

The Speck Toughskin is another choice for rugged iPhone protection that comes with a belt-holster at no extra cost.

Toughskin is available only in black and clear colors, but it features a thick rubberized shell with broadly contoured edges for easy grip.

Like the Sidewinder, the included holster can double as a stand for watching videos and offers full 360-degree range of motion.

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