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1.6 Host Connectivity

DB2 Connect is a software product containing the license files required to communicate from a DB2 distributed client, also known as the DRDA Application Requester, to a host DB2 server, a DRDA Application Server. (DRDA—Distributed Relational Database Architecture—is the standard that defines formats and protocols for providing transparent access to remote data.) Host DB2 servers include DB2 for z/OS and OS/390, DB2 for VM/VSE, and DB2 for i5/OS. DB2 Connect also includes an IBM Data Server Runtime client.

DB2 Connect comes in two main editions. Other editions not listed below refer to licensing options:

  • The Personal Edition supports the direct connection of one DB2 client to multiple host DB2 servers.
  • The Enterprise Edition supports the connection of multiple DB2 clients to multiple host DB2 servers via a DB2 Connect server.
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