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1.13 Summary

This chapter introduced DB2 and its history. IBM pioneered relational database management systems and invented SQL. IBM's technology in the relational database management system area has been around for more than twenty years. Its legacy is visible in the Information Management product line that includes database management software, data warehousing and business intelligence software, enterprise content management and discovery software, and information integrator software.

This chapter also discussed the types of clients and servers available with DB2. Although different editions are available to provide varying functionality, the core DB2 product is the same; therefore, application development on any edition will work on all editions. The various editions allow you to choose the functions that best suit your needs.

In addition, the chapter explained federated support, replication, the WebSphere Federation Server, the WebSphere Replication server, and packaging options available for application developers. These packaging options allow developers to obtain DB2 software at a reduced price.

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