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Partner with Your Employer

Following is a checklist of qualities that define a person who has ownership of his or her career. See how many you can check off; it doesn’t matter if you possess some or all of these qualities right now, reading this book can help you improve your situation, whatever it may be.

  • Do you get a share in the profits? A profit-sharing plan means the company puts a percent of profits into your plan account, tax deferred, every year that it’s profitable.

  • Do you have a stock purchase plan? Is it favorable to employees? Many publicly traded companies will let you put up to 30 percent of your salary into company stock; you get to buy at a discount, and they match it with stock options.

  • Are you eligible for performance bonuses? Companies can give you quantifiable goals to receive bonuses. Even if you’re not in sales, if you reach a goal by a certain date, you and your whole department get a cash bonus.

  • Do you get 401(k) matching? Look for the standard. Companies routinely give at least 50 percent of up to the first 6 percent of your salary deferral.

  • Is your performance measured and reviewed? Ask for a schedule of regular quarterly reviews to monitor your progress toward a promotion or raise.

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