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Where to Go from Here

There's quite a bit more to VBScript than what I've shown you. In fact, there's probably a whole shelf of books devoted solely to VBScript at your local bookstore.

For a quick reference to all VBScript statements, functions, objects, and constants, see Appendix A, "VBScript Reference." For detailed information, use the online or downloaded VBScript Language Reference, which you can get at msdn.microsoft.com/scripting.

Finally, I've found that some of the Microsoft public newsgroups can be a great source of information for everyone from beginners to old hands. The newsgroups microsoft.public.scripting.vbscript and microsoft.public.scripting.wsh are particularly valuable. You can learn a lot by watching the discussions, and unlike most newsgroups I've tried, in these you have a reasonably good chance of getting a useful answer if you post a question. Although some of the conversations concern the use of VBScript in Web server and Web browser applications, most of the discussions are applicable to scripting as well.

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