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Now you are probably saying, “Okay, great.” I now know my flexstyle. But why does it matter what I am? Each of the flexstyles introduced in this chapter has unique pros and cons. If you know your general flexstyle (for example, Integrator, Separator or Volleyer) but still aren’t sure whether you are using flexibility in a way that generally makes you feel good and that has a positive impact on you and those you live and work with, see the appendix, “Flexstyle Web Site and Overview Assessments,” at the end of this book. These additional assessments can help you take a closer look at how your work and personal life relationships are affecting your well-being and effectiveness on and off the job. You may already think you know how you feel about how you are using flexibility, but these additional assessments can help you clarify whether you are using flexibility positively or negatively. If you are already sure you know who you are—for example, whether you are a Fusion Lover or a Reactor, or a Captive, or Work or Family Firster—you are ready to move on to the next chapter where you will be introduced to the idea of flexstyle tradeoffs to help you begin the journey of thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of your style and whether your style is generally working well for you.

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