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What’s Your Flexstyle? Where Do You Fit In?

So now you understand flexstyles—what they are, when they are likely to make you feel like you have positive relationships between work and personal life, and when they are likely to make you feel like relationships between work and personal life are at odds. After reading the preceding descriptions of flexstyles, you may already know whether you’re an Integrator, Volleyer, or Separator. But it may be more difficult to determine which strategy you use within that category. If you’re an Integrator, are you a Fusion Lover or a Reactor? If you’re a Separator, are you a Work or Family Firster or a Captive? If a Volleyer, are you a Quality Timer or Job Warrior? Clues to your strategy include how much control you believe you have in managing your life demands, as well as how satisfied you are with the current quality of your life. For readers who need help clarifying their overall flexstyle, we provide the following self-assessments. If you feel the need, take several moments to complete this instrument.

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