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When Connectors Cross

You can specify the behavior of connectors that cross in Visio. For example, take a look at Figure 3.13, in which two wires cross in an electrical circuit drawing.

Figure 3.13

Figure 3.13 Crossing connectors.

As you see, the connector that crosses another connector "jumps" over the other connector using an arc, which is standard for electrical circuits.

How do you specify the crossing behavior of connectors in Visio? Here's what you do:

  1. Select File > Page Setup. The Page Setup dialog appears.
  2. Click the Layout and Routing tab. That's shown in Figure 3.14.
    Figure 3.14

    Figure 3.14 Specifying connectors' crossing behavior.

  3. Select the types of lines that you want to create line jumps for in the Add Line Jumps To box. We're adding line jumps to horizontal lines here.
  4. Select a style in the Line Jump Style box. Arcs are the default; you can also choose gaps, squares, and other options, from a two-sided to a seven-sided polygon.
  5. Change the height of the jump. Drag the Vertical Size bar.
  6. Change the width of the jump. Drag the Horizontal Size bar.
  7. Click OK. The Page Setup dialog closes.

You can also use the Layout & Routing toolbar, shown in Figure 3.15, to specify line-jump behavior. As you see in the figure, we're making line jumps into arcs.

Figure 3.15

Figure 3.15 The Layout & Routing toolbar.

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