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Protecting Incoming 800 Service

A considerable amount of marketing effort has been expended by carriers advertising service guarantees for 800 service. This is probably money well spent because even senior executives who are not technical understand the importance of being able to answer incoming calls.

Just about anyone can envision a large center full of people sitting there knitting, filing their nails, and doing everything except answering the phones. The implied message is "How long can your business survive a disruption like this?" Remember to use this visual image when pitching executives about necessary expenditures in telecommunications.

Ironically, 800 service is one of the simplest components to back up if you plan in advance. Most providers of 800 service will guarantee the redirection of an 800 number to any working 10-digit telephone number in North America within 10 minutes or less.

This capability allows your organization to direct its calls to another company location, or even allows employees to answer these numbers on wireless phones or at home. It is surprising how many companies do not use this option when the capital-intensive part of it has already been done by the carriers themselves.

Plan ahead NOW and consult with your internal customers about where you can redirect your critical 800 lines if a disaster happens.

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