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At this point, we have identified several key pieces that should provide a border to our incident response puzzle. Although these pieces may not be clearly defined as yet, the intent was to begin the consideration process that should be given to each issue. Every question listed in Figure 2-1 and discussed in this chapter will directly affect the type and number of resources needed for the team to succeed. Many of the following chapters will return to this basic set of questions as well. It is strongly recommended that the entire book be read before attempting to answer these questions. Numerous points yet to be made will influence each of these considerations.

The chapter concluded by touching on the importance of the team's credibility. If the issues described in this chapter form the border to the puzzle, the team's credibility could be thought of as the foundation on which the puzzle is built. After all, if the integrity of the team suffers in some way, the continuity of the picture we are trying to build will suffer as well. One large corner piece of this puzzle remains to be considered—terminology. Keep reading to complete the border.

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