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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Environment Variables

Some environment variables may or may not be stored in the DB2 Profile Registry (depending on the OS). They are system environment variables used by DB2 UDB that must be stored in a location where the platform stores its system variables. The following are examples of DB2 UDB system environment variables:

DB2INSTANCE— Specifies the active DB2 instance.

DB2PATH— Specifies the path for the DB2 executables.

A summary of the location of these DB2 environment variables is shown in Table 2.1. For further details on environment variables and on which OS platforms you may see them or need them, refer to the section in the online documentation from the DB2 Information Center titled “System Environment Variables.”

Table 2.1. Location of DB2 Environment Variables

Operating System


Solaris (or other UNIX)

Within a script file called db2profile (Bourne or Korn shell) or db2cshrc (C shell) depending on the default shell that is configured for the user. Incorporated with the user's initialization file (.profile or .login).

Windows NT

System Environment Variables, specifies the system within the System icon from the Control Panel.

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