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Miscellaneous Wireless Certifications

With a little searching and probing around on the Internet, you may be able to come up with even more credentials than those that appear in the following table. All of these have definite wireless connections, even those that don't focus more or less exclusively on wireless topics, tools, or technologies.


Hint: if the cert includes the term "wireless" in its name, it's far more likely to focus in that subject area than if it doesn't!

Consumer Electronica Association (CEA)

Wireless Certification Program

Identifies sales professionals qualified to market and sell wireless products.


California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

Certified Broadband Wireless Network Associate (BWNA)

Identifies individuals who've obtained necessary job skills and passed one exam relating to wireless network design, installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting.


GlobalNet Training

Certified Wireless Professional

Identified individuals competent to administer wireless LANS and deal with associated security issues.


Sniffer Tech

Sniffer Certified Expert (SCE)

Identifies individuals who've obtained SCP credentials and passed any two exams on topics and technologies that include RMON, Ethernet, WAN, ATM, Windows, TCP/IP, or wireless analysis and troubleshooting topics.


WildPackets, Inc.

Network Analysis Expert (NAX)

Identifies individuals who've passed the PAS and then go on to take additional Data Link and Area of Specialty knowledge exams, plus write a technical white paper. Knowledge exams include Ethernet, wireless, TCP/IP, and Apple networking topics.


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