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  • Data Accessor is also known as Data Access Object [Alur 2001] and Logical Connection.

  • A data accessor implementation is an instance of Adapter [Gamma 1995] since it adapts an abstraction that is convenient for application usage to a particular physical database driver.

  • Singleton [Gamma 1995] and Abstract Factory [Gamma 1995] describe strategies for isolating a data accessor instantiation within a single component that is conveniently accessible throughout an application.

  • [Marinescu 2002] and [Matena 2003] describe an alternate approach to encapsulating physical data access operations called Data Access Command Beans. Data Access Command Beans define logical database operations using Command [Gamma 1995] semantics.

  • Consider using Data Accessor to abstract the data access portion of an Active Domain Object (33) or Object/Relational Map (53).

  • One or more data accessor abstractions can make up layers, as described in Layers (75). You can also define multiple data accessor abstractions for different layers. Each abstraction might address a different aspect or level of data access functionality.

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