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The Web is a competitive place. A visitor could be looking at literally millions of things other than your Web site, so you must find a way to catch someone's eye before a short attention span and a quick mouse finger send him to another link at hyperspeed.

One way to accomplish this is to make your Web pages more visually compelling through the effective use of graphics: digital photos, icons, clip art, and other images.

In this hour, you learned how to choose the right format for a graphic—which is usually GIF for icons and simple colorful images, and JPEG for digital photos and other complex images.

You also learned how to find clip art and resize it by grabbing a selection handle around the graphic and dragging it to a new location.

Using the wrapping style and alignment features of the Picture Properties dialog box, you can lay out graphics above, below, and beside the other elements of a Web page.

This hour only scratched the surface of FrontPage's graphical features. You'll learn how to edit graphics, add backgrounds, and work with digital photos in Hour 10, "Make a Site Look Great with Graphics."

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