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Chapter 3: Installation

In This Chapter

  • Checking installation prerequisites

  • Getting ready to install

  • Installing Exchange

  • Upgrading Exchange

  • Automating software installation

What's New

The installation tools and wizards that are available for Exchange 2003 are similar to what was available in Exchange 2000. This chapter looks at using these tools to install Exchange from the persepectives of installing Exchange in a new implementation and performing an in-place upgrade of Exchange.

This chapter examines the prerequisites for installing Exchange 2003 and some of the things to watch out for when installing or upgrading Exchange servers. This includes looking at some new security settings that were slipped into the product without a lot of fanfare or notice.

There are several different methods for co-existence and upgrades among Exchange 5.5, 2000, and 2003. You'll learn about these toward the end of this chapter and in the chapter's online material.

If you have installed Exchange before within your organization, this might seem a little familiar. However, if you weren't involved in the installation of your Exchange servers, some of the concepts presented might be new to you. Don't worry, though. The tools and utilities provided with Exchange 2003 make installation as painless as possible.

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