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Section 2 Quiz

  1. A VLAN can be created or modified on a switch in which of the following VTP modes? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. Server

    2. Access

    3. Client

    4. Transparent

    5. Root

  2. Regarding VTP configuration revision numbers, which of the following statements are true? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. A transparent switch will always have a higher configuration revision number than any other switch on the network.

    2. VTP configuration revision numbers are changed on a switch when a VLAN is created, deleted, or modified.

    3. If a switch with a higher configuration revision number is added to an existing network with the same VTP domain name, it will have no effect on the VLANs on all the functioning switches.

    4. VTP configuration revision numbers can be reset to 0 by changing the VTP to transparent mode and then back to server or client.

    5. You can view a switch's current VTP configuration revision number by issuing the command show vtp status.

  3. Choose the commands that force an IOS switch to perform trunking on a FastEthernet interface 0/12. (Choose the best answer.)

    1. set trunk on

    2. interface Fa0/12 trunk on

    3. switchport mode trunk

    4. interface Fa0/12 mode trunk

    5. interface Fa0/12 then switchport mode trunk

  4. Which of the following is the default mode for a Layer 2 port on an IOS switch?

    1. switchport mode access

    2. switchport mode dynamic auto

    3. switchport mode nonegotiate

    4. switchport mode dynamic desirable

    5. switchport mode trunk

  5. Which of the following commands you can use to see which VLAN a port is assigned to? (Choose all that apply.)

    1. show interface trunk

    2. show interface type slot/port

    3. show vtp status

    4. show interface status

    5. show vlan brief

    6. show interface type slot/port switchport

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