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Editing a Site Definition

So far in this hour, you have used the Basic tab in the Site Definition dialog box to initially define a Web site. Now let's explore the Advanced tab and use it to edit site settings. Open the Manage Sites dialog box again by selecting Manage Sites from the Site drop-down menu. Select the site you just created and then click the Edit button. The Site Definition dialog box opens again. Click the Advanced tab at the top of the dialog box. As shown in Figure 3.12, this is another view of the information that you entered into the wizard.

Figure 3.12Figure 3.12 The Advanced tab contains all the site properties.

A Quick Way to Edit Site Definitions

A fast way to open the Site Definition dialog box is to simply double-click the name of the site in the Files panel's Site drop-down menu.

The left side of the Site Definition dialog box shows categories, and the right side lists the selected category's properties. Select the Local Info category and then select the folder icon next to the Default Images Folder text box. Navigate to the images folder you just created. Now Dreamweaver knows where you'll keep your images for the site. Click the OK button to save your changes. Click the Done button to close the Edit Sites dialog box.

You'll learn about other advanced options later in this book. In Hour 20, you'll set up the Remote Info category in order to upload your files to a remote Web site. In Hour 21, "Managing and Editing a Project," you'll explore the Cloaking and Design Notes categories.

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