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Knoppix is definitely the easiest distribution to get up and running. With excellent hardware support and a wide array of included software, Knoppix is hard to beat.

Slackware isn't the best choice for the novice. If you have a bit of Linux or UNIX experience, though, it offers fine hardware support and most of the essential applications. Slackware's small size also makes it a good choice for those with limited bandwidth, or anyone with blank three-inch CD-R disks on hand.

Cool Linux CD is the best choice by far if you're planning to do serious video, audio, or graphics work, but you'll need some Linux know-how to succeed with this distribution.

SuSE Live CD is a good choice if you're thinking about installing SuSE on a machine, but otherwise I'd recommend trying one of the other live CD distributions.

Morphix is very good for being a 0.4 release, and may eventually surpass Knoppix. As it's beta software, it isn't the best choice for the complete novice, but it would be good for Knoppix users who want to try GNOME.

With ease of use, hardware compatibility, and an installation-free approach, live CD Linux has removed many of the obstacles facing users considering a switch to Linux. If your old operating system has worn out its welcome, it's never been easier to find out if the grass is really greener on the other side.



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