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Alternate Email Views

Views are display formats for GroupWise messages and interface components. For example, a mail message has two views associated with it: Mail and Simple Mail. You can choose a view that excludes the features you don't need or one that has a larger-than-normal message area.


Using alternate views does not prevent you from using all the GroupWise features. In alternate views, you may not see certain shortcut (right-click or Toolbar) methods for activating features, but you can always use the pull-down menus to access those features.

The Simple Mail view provides a concise message area without the CC and BC buttons and the shortcut buttons to send, cancel, address, and attach files, as shown in Figure 3.4. Choose the "Mail (Simple)" option on the New Mail drop-down list on the Toolbar. Use this view when you need to send a short message to someone.

Figure 3.4Figure 3.4 The Simple Mail view offers the basics of an email message.

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