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Message Formats: HTML Versus Text

GroupWise allows you to send and receive both "plain-text" messages (messages composed in text, with limited formatting and content) and HTML messages. HTML messages look very similar to regular GroupWise messages, they just use a different view with an additional toolbar for formatting, as shown in Figure 3.3. HTML messages enable you to embed HTML documents (Web pages) and information in the message body and then send them to the recipients.

To create an HTML message, click File, New, Mail. From the New Mail Message screen, click View, HTML. You can retrieve an HTML file into a new email message by using File, Retrieve and selecting the HTML file.

Working with URLs

You can easily embed Web page addresses (URLs) in both the subject line and message body area of an email. These URL links become "live." In other words, with a click of the mouse on these links, your computer's Web browser will open up, pointed to that Web page.


This option is available in both the plain-text and HTML views.

Figure 3.3Figure 3.3 GroupWise allows you to send Web page content inside of HTML messages.

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