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We can't leave the topic of text without showing you how to make sure that you don't have embarrassing mistakes on your slides. When you misspell a word, it will be underlined in red to cue you. You can right-click the misspelled word to find a list of possible corrections.

You can also click the ABC spell check icon on the Standard toolbar (or press F7) to quickly invoke a spell checker that takes you through the entire presentation, as shown in Figure 3.17.

Figure 3.17Figure 3.17 The Spell Check dialog box enables you to quickly correct mistakes and add to the AutoCorrect options shared with all Microsoft Office dictionaries.

Microsoft Office has a custom dictionary against which it compares words in your spell check. You can

  • Ignore the word as spelled

  • Ignore all instances of the spelling

  • Change or change all to the selected suggestion

  • Add the spelling to the custom dictionary to avoid future queries

  • Use AutoCorrect or suggest a correction

  • Close the dialog box and end the spell check


In addition to the ways I've shown you how to invoke formatting dialog boxes, you can almost always find an appropriate choice by right-clicking a selected object. For example, right-clicking the border of a text box brings up the Format Text Box dialog box.

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