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Clipping Content from Web Pages

Google Notebook really proves its worth when you clip web page content into individual notes. This is accomplished via the Google Notebook browser extension, which adds a Google Notebook button to either the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers.

Installing the Browser Extension

To install the browser extension into your web browser, click the Download the Browser Extension link at the top of the Google Notebook page. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the extension. Once installed, a Google Notebook button appears in your browser's status bar, as shown in Figure 12.7, as well as in a separate toolbar at the top of your browser.

Figure 12.7

Figure 12.7 The Google Notebook button in the Internet Explorer status bar.

Adding a Web Page as a Note

To use the Google Notebook browser extension, navigate to a web page that you want to save to your notebook. When you click the Google Notebook button, you see a pop-up pane similar to the one shown in Figure 12.8. To add a link to this web page as a new note, click the New Note button and then click the Clip button. This creates a new note containing the title of the web page; the title is also a hyperlink to the page's URL. You can insert additional text under the page title, if you like.

Figure 12.8

Figure 12.8 Adding web page content to a note.

Clipping Content from a Web Page

You're not limited to adding web page links to your notes; you can also clip text and pictures from any web page into a note. To do this, click the Google Notebook button to display the editing pane. Now use your cursor to select the text or pictures you want to copy. Click the New Note button to create a new note, then click the Clip button. The selected content will now be pasted into the new note.

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