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Saving Your Searches with Google Notebook

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Michael Miller explains how you can get the most out of your search results with effective use of Google Notebook.
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Google Notebook is a web-based (or, alternately, a browser-based) tool that lets you create an online "notebook" to organize all your web-based research on a given topic. You clip text, images, and links from interesting pages you visit, storing them in a topic-specific notebook page. It's a great way to organize typically chaotic web-based research activities.

Getting to Know Google Notebook

Google Notebook (www.google.com/notebook) is your personal notes page. As you can see in Figure 12.1, you create different notebooks for different topics; each notebook holds the notes you make, as well as links to and clips from web pages you select.

Figure 12.1

Figure 12.1 Organizing notes and web links in Google Notebook.

All your notebooks are listed in the Notebooks panel on the left side of the page. Click any notebook to display its contents in the main pane.

The contents of a notebook can be organized by section, or displayed independently. Notes are displayed either condensed or in full. To condense a note, click the - button in the top-left corner; to expand the note to display the full contents, click the + button. Notes can include text that you enter, text clipped from a web page, pictures clipped from a web page, or links to a web page. (Figure 12.2 shows a note with text, pictures, and a web page link.) To view a web page linked to from a note, just click the page's URL.

Figure 12.2

Figure 12.2 A note with text, pictures, and web links.

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