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  1. What types of services are defined at the Network Access layer?

  1. The Network Access layer includes services and specifications that manage the process of accessing the physical network.

  1. Which OSI layers correspond to the TCP/IP Network Access layer?

  1. The Network Access layer roughly corresponds with the OSI Data Link layer and Physical layer.

  1. What are the two most common LAN architectures?

  1. The most common LAN architectures are ethernet, with its several cabling variants, and token ring.

  1. What is CSMA/CD?

  1. CSMA/CD is Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detect, a network access method used by ethernet. Under CSMA/CD, the computers on a network wait for a moment to transmit and, if two computers attempt to transmit at once, they both stop, wait for a random interval, and transmit again.

  1. What is token passing?

  1. Token passing is a network-access method used by token ring and FDDI. A packet of data called a token circulates around the network. Only the computer with the token can transmit data.

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