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The Solution

In early 2002, the client selected Mentisys, a leading provider of business performance solutions, to develop a circuit asset management system. The solution had to manage circuit order processing; requisition approval; circuit asset maintenance (including moving, adding, and changing circuit features); and circuit disconnection. The application also had to maintain a correct inventory of provisioned circuit assets.

Mentisys delivered a solution based on Mentisys BAM Platform, a platform for building enterprise applications that support real-time decision support with alert notification, and a distributed process-oriented J2EE-based application architecture. The solution automates and manages the business processes, operational policies, and functions associated with circuit asset management.

These are the core business processes:

  • Requisitioning and approving circuit orders

  • Processing work order requests such as move, add, and change

  • Processing business exceptions (rework, rejected requests, and vendor rejection)

  • Managing the circuit asset lifecycle

  • Managing circuit inventory

The solution provides business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities for users, who can be notified in real time of business exceptions that exceed specified parameters. For example, ordering a T1 line is a multiple-step process: If a particular milestone is not met, the entire order will be late. By notifying the decision maker that an order will be late before it's late, the system allows him to manage in a proactive manner rather than in a reactive manner. In essence, BAM is analogous to the alert that network administrators have long depended on, except that BAM monitors business-level events.

The notification integrates historical data and other relevant information, providing business context for users to allow them to make the most informed decision for that given moment. Additionally, the application provides business performance management (BPM) capabilities by tracking key performance indicators such as the efficiency of the handling on each order (along with the number of retries and time required to finish the order). This features allows operations personnel to identify key bottlenecks and poorly performing vendors.

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