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The Wireless Toolkit

While third-party SMS gateways and SMS over SMTP offer easy, fast ways to send SMS messages, sometimes you might want to make the sending and receiving of SMS messages a transparent undertaking, relying solely on machine intelligence and manipulation. In this case, you're likely to use the Wireless Toolkit provided by Sun. The Toolkit has a bunch of classes that support SMS, and provides hardcore technology for serious wireless developers.

With the Wireless Toolkit, you can develop applications that run on various mobile cellular devices using the Connected Limited Device Configuration/Mobile Information Device Profile (CLDC/MIDP), the Java runtime environment against which you write mobile device apps. The Toolkit ships with a tool that emulates these various CLDC/MIDP—enabled cell phone and PDA environments, so that you can develop mobile apps using an emulated cell phone interface or PDA type of QWERTY keyboard (see Figure 2).

Figure 2Figure 2 The Wireless Toolkit ships with a variety of device emulators.

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