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Configuring for SMS

Before you can create Java applications that incorporate SMS with your cell phone, you have to overcome an important hurdle: You need to talk to the cell phone from a PC. Your PC doesn't magically know how to talk to your cell phone or directly to the cell phone company. There's no little man in the box who knows how make this happen. You need direct connectivity to the cell phone company via a direct wire or via your cell phone before you can connect to the network of cell phones all over the planet. Once your PC has connectivity to the cell phone network, however, you can set up your PC as an SMS gateway and write programs for SMS transmission (see Figure 1).

Figure 1Figure 1 A variety of PC—cell phone hardware configurations allow you to transmit SMS messages.

Various adapter kits can connect your cell phone to your PC via a cable or infrared device that uses a USB or serial port. When you're connected, you can use your cell phone to propagate SMS messages—or even connect to the Internet using the cell phone as a wireless modem (albeit a very slow wireless modem, with transfer rates at about 14.4 Kbps).

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