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Configuring the Sun ONE Directory Server Software as a Configuration Server for rpc.nisd

The basic tasks for configuring the Sun ONE Directory Server software are:

  1. Update the directory schema.

  2. Create an LDAP entry that contains the nisplusLDAPconfig object class and associated parameters.

  3. Modify the /etc/default/rpc.nisd file.

Each task is described in detail.

Task 1 – To Update the Schema

  1. Obtain the 99nisplusLDAPconfig.ldif file form the downloadable file called ldap-schemas.tar.gzip.

  2. See "Obtaining the Downloadable Files for This Book" on page vii.

  3. Copy the schema file to your directory server config directory.

  4. # cp 99nisplusLDAPconfig.ldif 
  5. Stop and restart the directory server.

  6. # directoryserver stop
    # directoryserver start

Task 2 – To Create a Configuration Entry

  1. Create an LDIF file with the appropriate parameters.

  2. # vi nisplusConfig.ldif
    dn: cn=example.com,dc=example,dc=com
    cn: domain
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: nisplusLDAPconfig
    nisplusLDAPproxyUser: cn=proxyagent,
    nisplusLDAPproxyPassword: mysecret
    nisplusLDAPbaseDomain: example.com
    nisplusNumberOfServiceThreads: 32
  3. Import the LDIF file.

  4. # ldapmodify -a -D "cn=directory manager" 
    -w mypassword -f \ nisplusConfig.ldif

Task 3 – To Modify rpc.nisd

  1. At a minimum, change the following parameters:

  2. # vi /etc/default/rpc.nisd


    The example shown here uses a simple LDAP bind. This is only recommended if rpc.nisd and the directory server are running on the same server.

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