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Testing Your Installation

After you are satisfied with your installation and configuration, you can test FileMaker Server as follows:

  1. Select the Open Test Page option from the Server menu of the Admin Console. A browser window should open to the FileMaker Server Technology Test page. There are up to four active links on the test page, depending on whether you have FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced installed. In this case, we want to test FileMaker Pro and PHP Custom Web Publishing.
  2. If you have multiple versions of FileMaker Pro installed, make sure only FMP 9 is running.
  3. Click the Test FileMaker Pro link. The FMServer_Sample.fp7 file should open in FMP 9.
  4. Click the Test PHP Custom Web Publishing link. A new browser window should open displaying a list of records from the FMServer_Sample.fp7 database. There will also be a green circle on the page indicating that the test was successful. If the test failed, the circle would be red.

If either of the tests fail, navigate to the Administration: Databases screen and confirm that the FMServer_Sample.fp7 is open. If it is open, stop and restart the database server. If your test still fails, restart the machine and try again. If that still doesn't work, call me at home and I'll fix it. Uh...just kidding.

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