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Introducing C#

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


If source code is the heart of an application, documentation is its soul. Documentation is often neglected and not updated regularly. Especially when the schedule of a project is tight and there isn't much time left, people start to save the time they've lost by cutting the resources for writing documentation.

Mono and C# try to integrate documentation and code in order to minimize the work for a programmer. It's far easier to write documentation inside a program than with the help of an external editor. In addition, documentation that's inside the source is more consistent with the software itself than external texts.

C# relies on XML. Therefore, XML is used to document an application. The next example shows how XML can be used to document a simple application:

using System;

class  MyLoop
    public static void Main()
        /// <summary>
        ///   This is a free advertisement
        ///   for http://www.postgresql.at
        /// </summary>
        Console.WriteLine("Check out http://www.postgresql.at");
        /// <seealso> http://www.go-mono.org </seealso>

It's possible to embed XML in any C# application. A rich set of elements are defined, as shown in Table 3.2.

Table 3.2 XML Elements

XML Element



Marks a paragraph as code


Marks text as code


Root element of the XML file


Describes an event


Marks an example


Defines an exception that a function can provide


Describes a field


Defines a list or a table


Describes a method


Marks a text as paragraph


Defines a parameter of a method


Marks a word as parameter


Defines user rights


Defines a property


Adds remarks and important messages


Defines the return value of a method


Defines a link


Points to additional documentation




Defines a type

In this list, we omitted the corresponding closing tags because they're just as in HTML. For example, the closing tag for <tag> would be </tag>.

Let's see what happens when we execute the program:

[hs@duron mono]$ mono ex.exe
Check out http://www.postgresql.at

At the time this text was written, there was no suitable tool for processing the documentation inside a program.

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