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Managing Documents

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  1. I have Excel spreadsheets and Word documents in my My Documents folder. Why do I see the Word documents in the Open dialog box only when the My Documents folder is in the Look In box?

  1. By default, Word displays Word documents (files with an extension of .doc) only in the Open dialog box. If you want to see all of the files in a folder, including non-Word documents, choose All Files in the Files of Type drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box.

  1. How can I record tracking information about my documents when I save them?

  1. Choose File, Properties, enter information about the document (its title, subject, and so on) in the Summary tab of the Properties dialog box, and click OK. If you want Word to prompt you to fill in this information each time you save, choose Tools, Options, click the Save tab, mark the Prompt for Document Properties check box, and click OK. You can display (but not edit) the properties of any document from the Open and Save As dialog boxes. Simply select the document in the dialog box, click the Tools button at the top of the dialog box, and click Properties.

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