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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies Official Club



Ty Corporation's official Beanie Babies club features members-only special offers, newsletter, "Pin-Demonian" trading, a message board, FAQs, and access to the BBOC online store. Even features Color Me Beanie for creating your own custom Beanie Baby.

Ty's Beanie Site



The official home of Beanie Babies, this site is offered in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Japanese) and is organized into several sections, including Boppers, Beanie Kids, Beanie Buddies, Attic Treasures, and Baby Ty. Includes a Funorama where kids can play games, Beanie Greetings you can email to friends and family, and a Tyfolio that helps you catalogue your collection. Shop online at the Ty store. Lots more here, too.


American Numismatic Association



The ANA, a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress, is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens, and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community. The association provides a comprehensive site with links, articles, online exhibits, educational programs, and much more. Special area for young collectors as well. Excellent information and graphics presented in an easy-to-use format makes this an easy choice for best of the best.

Coin Site



View images of coins for sale, ask the coin doctor a question that's been perplexing you, search the database of coins for sale, and track down up-to-date information on what your coins are worth. Some fun stuff is available, such as the coin quizzes, that will appeal to young coin collectors. This site is operated by a couple of nationally renowned numismatists who have a thorough knowledge of the hobby. This site is packed with useful information and is one of the easiest sites in this group to navigate.

CoinLink Numismatic and Rare Coins Index


Large rare coin index with links to more than 800 numismatic sites. Piles of links to sites dealing with currency exchange, gold prices, ancient coins, statehood quarters, and exonumia (coin-like objects, such as tokens and medals). Sites are rated, providing links to only the best resources.

Forum Ancient Coins


This site not only sells coins, but also provides coin collectors, history buffs, and students a fun and informative place to explore and learn about ancient history, as well as coin collecting. All sales are guaranteed.

Heritage Rare Coin Gallery


World's largest numismatic dealer and auctioneer. Go online to view the $20 million inventory, but that's just the beginning: This site is chock-full of information and neat coin stuff to see and learn about. Participate in online auctions and maintain a list of coins you want. The site will notify you when items on your want list become available.





Barbie isn't just in toy stores anymore. You can now find her on the Web, where you can even go shopping with her. This site is beautifully designed and offers tons of fun stuff and freebies. Kids can play games online, keep a calendar, and even register to tell friends and relatives which Barbie dolls and accessories they want. Kids can even download Barbie wallpaper and screensavers for their computers. Special area for parents as well.

iQVC.com Shopping Home Page


For those who love collector dolls, enjoy iQVC's corner of doll heaven. Here, you can browse through handcrafted dolls of fine porcelain, cloth, vinyl, and more. You'll find dolls by some of the world's most respected doll artists—Goebel, Madame Alexander, Lloyd Middleton, Precious Moments, and more. With so many choices, iQVC is a treasure trove for novices and experienced collectors alike. Definitely check this site before you buy elsewhere—the prices are excellent!

Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars and Trucks

Hot Wheels



This official home of Hot Wheels cars and trucks enables visitors to browse through a huge collection of cars and trucks, tracks, helicopters, airplanes, games, and accessories. Links to Amazon.com for shopping. An innovative navigation system allows you to browse by toy or by age group. Links to other cool Hot Wheels sites as well.




More for serious Hot Wheels collectors with some money to spend than for kids, this site features the latest news on collectible Hot Wheels items, including cars, posters, official lists, and sales. Offers a bulletin board, fun features (wallpaper and electronic greeting cards), and a tool for cataloging your collection.




This official home of Matchbox cars and trucks enables visitors to browse through a huge collection of cars, trucks, and other Matchbox toys. Links to Toys "R" Us and Wal-Mart for shopping. Links to other cool Matchbox sites, as well. Separate sites are accessible from the home page—a site for kids and a site for collectors.


American Philatelic Society



This well-designed site features the American Philatelic Society's journal, a dealer locator, a searchable library catalog, a printable membership application, extensive information on the basics of stamp collecting, and details on its expertizing service. If you're interested in stamp collecting, whether you are a novice or an expert, bookmark this site and visit it often. This site is packed with the most useful information you'll find on the subject of stamp collecting, making it a sure winner of the best of the best designation. Special area where kids can learn the basics of stamp collecting.

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