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Password Management

It is strongly recommended that the SC be placed on a private network if you want to use the Ethernet port. The SC uses nonencrypted transport mechanisms, such as HTTP, FTP, and Telnet. Placing it on a general purpose intranet puts the SC at risk for network-based attacks, such as denial-of-service (DoS), session sniffing, and/or hijacking.

If you are going to use a terminal server, use one that supports Secure Shell (SSH) for encrypted sessions. This recommendation recognizes that the terminal server is generally not on the private SC network, but on the general purpose intranet. If Telnet is used to access the terminal server, then all passwords are passed over the general purpose network in clear text.

The only restrictions for the password are the character set supported by ASCII and the terminal emulator in use. A minimum password length of 16 characters is recommended to promote the use of passphrases instead of passwords. Passwords should be comprised of at least lowercase, uppercase, numeric, and punctuation marks. Use the password command at the lom> prompt to change the password, as in the following example:

lom> password
Enter current password: password
Enter new password: password
Enter new password again: password

Sun Service personnel can reset the password by using a dynamically generated service password.

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