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System Controller Configuration Backups

It is strongly recommended that, after the installation of the server, you execute the Solaris OS, OpenBoot PROM, and LOM commands, back up the configuration information, and archive the output in a secure location. This information might be useful for reconstructing the system configuration in the event of a hardware failure and/or the loss of the SCC.

Execute the following command at the Solaris OS prompt:

# eeprom

Execute the following commands at the OpenBoot PROM prompt:

ok show-devs
ok printenv
ok show-disks
ok show-nets
ok devalias

Execute the following command at the lom> prompt:

lom> showeventreporting
lom> showescape
lom> setupsc
lom> shownetwork
lom> showdate -v
lom> showboards -v

The output of these commands will contain information regarding the network configuration and various OpenBoot PROM and LOM parameters.

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