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Summary Checklist

Here's a review of the key points that we've covered in this article:

  • Space requirements. As big as you need, but not too big. Square footage in a lease costs money that could be spent to support more staff or other needs.

  • Temperature control. Keep the hot stuff hot and the cool stuff cool. Okay, just keep the computer room cool. Having a backup is my best advice.

  • More power! Plan your power loads and distribute them evenly. Plan for growth with a dedicated panel that can support many more circuits.

  • Security. Keep out the good guys and the bad guys—because you don't really know who the bad guys are. Protect your employees by limiting their liability. Your company's data is your second most valuable resource (employees are the most valuable). Make sure your data is secure!

In the next article, we dive into the details of how to design your cable plant.

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