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Section 2.13: Add Diagnostic Toolkit

Step 2.13.1

For local (manual) procedures, install the Diagnostic ToolKit (SUNWscdtk) package.


At this point in the installation, be careful when running diagnostics. DO NOT choose any tests that can destroy data already stored on disk, unless you intend to reinstall the systems.

End of Module 2

Module 2 is now complete. You have successfully performed the following procedures:

  • Installed the cluster software

  • Installed the patches for the cluster

  • Configured the quorum device(s)

  • Reset the cluster installation mode to an operational status

  • Configured NAFO software for public network interfaces

  • Updated the /etc/nsswitch.conf file to reflect the actual cluster configuration

  • Updated the /etc/hosts file to reflect the IP addresses chosen for the private interconnects

  • Installed the Diagnostic Toolkit package

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