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Section 2.11: Verify /etc/nsswitch Entries

Step 2.11.1

Reverify the /etc/nsswitch.conf file, at this time. Ensure all site-specific settings are correct. Verify the file includes the following modifications as indicated below, on each cluster node:

# more /etc/nsswitch.conf
. . . {{output omitted}}. . . 

group: files 
hosts: cluster files [SUCCESS=return] 
services: files 
netmasks: cluster files 

Key Practice: The cluster environment requires that local (/etc) files supporting network services are searched ahead of any naming services. This increases availability by not having to rely on an outside agent. For hosts, put cluster files [SUCCESS=return], ahead of dns ,nis, etc. For netmasks,place cluster files, ahead of dns, nis, and so on.

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