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Obtaining the Scripts and Tools for this Article

Before you attempt to perform any of the procedures in this article, you should download the scripts and tools that are specifically available for this article.

To Obtain the Scripts and Tools

  1. Go to the Sun BluePrints Scripts and Tools download site at:

  2. http://www.sun.com/solutions/

  3. Click on Exchange Integration Cookbook Scripts.

  4. If you are not already registered at the Sun Download Center, register now.

  5. You must be registered at the Sun Download Center before you can download the scripts and tools. If this is your first visit, select Register now. You only have to register once, and it's free. Whenever you come back to the Download Center, just enter your username and password to login.

  6. Log in to the Sun Download Center.

  7. Accept the License Agreement.

  8. Click on 817-2582-10-scripts.zip to download the zip file.

  9. Unzip the file.

What You Get

The scripts and tools are provided in a compressed tar file. Once you uncompress and untar the file, you will have the following items:

  • ./PS3luau – Gateway profile modification script for Sun ONE Portal Server 3.0 software (adds necessary rewriter rules).

  • ./modfiles.ksh - Script that performs inline editing of uploaded Exchange files and ed scripts to manipulate those files.

  • ./rewriter_blueprint.pdf – Included for reference, this is the Sun BluePrints_ article "Sun ONE Portal Server 3.0 Rewriter Configuration and Management Guide" by Rob Baker, published in July 2002.

  • ./iwtBookmarkProvider/display.template – Display template used for one of the Netlet recipes.

  • ./iwtBookmarkProvider/edit.template – The same template that is supplied with the Sun ONE Secure Portal 3 software.

  • ./iwtBookmarkProvider/display.template2 – A backup version of the display.template file.

  • ./scripts/ctrl_FormatBar20.htc.scripted script

  • ./scripts/ctrl_FreeBusy20.htc.scripted script

  • ./scripts/ctrl_Poll20.js.scripted script

  • ./scripts/ctrl_Tree20.js.scripted script

  • ./scripts/ctrl_reminder20.htc.scripted script

  • ./scripts/util_View20.js.scripted script

  • ./scripts/ctrl_Tree20.xsl.scripted script

  • ./owa_sp3_ruleset.xml – Secure Portal 6.0 rewriter ruleset

  • ./change_gw_mimes.xml – A Gateway modification profile file that can be used for debugging. This file disables XML rewriting that might be useful in isolating certain DAV responses from Exchange when the rewriter incorrectly translates specialized characters in XML (such as &).

  • ./change_gw_mode.xml – A Gateway modification profile file that can be used for debugging. This file changes the Gateway from https mode to http mode. This should only be done in test environments because the traffic between the client and server will no longer be encrypted.


Use the ipsadmin command to import the XML for the Gateway profile changes.

Obtaining the Required Patches

For the Sun ONE Secure Portal Server 3 software, you must have one of the following installed on your portal server:

  • Secure portal patch 112682-03 (SP4HP3) and patch 114621-01 (iPS3.0SP4HP3ExchangeFixes)

  • Or Service Pack 5 (SP5)

For the Sun ONE Secure Portal Server 6.0 software, you must have patch ID 115156-01 (called 6.0SRAExchangeFixes) installed on the portal sever.

To obtain the patches, contact Sun Online Support at the following URL:


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