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Section 1.3: Patch Installation - Administration Workstation

In this section, install all recommended Solaris patches on the clustadm workstation.

Step 1.3.1

For local (manual) installations only, obtain the latest recommended Solaris OE patches from the most recent EIS CD or from Sun Solve Online.

  • As described on the EIS Installation Checklist (WGS), follow the instructions to unpack-patches. Using the latest EIS CD, the installation scripts are located under <eis-cd1>.../sun/install/bin, and the Recommended Solaris 8 patches are located under <eis-cd1>.../sun/patch/SunCluster/3.0/8

  • For Sun Solve Online, go to http://sunsolve.Sun.com and click the Patches option on the left side column.


SunSolve is a contract service from Sun Enterprise Services. It is a good idea to subscribe to this service, especially if you are running a production server.

For local (manual) installations, the actual method you use for obtaining most recent patches may be different. However, we recommend following the appropriate EIS Installation Checklist, available from the most recent EIS CD. This includes steps necessary for unpacking all recommended Solaris 8 patches. Patches may also be obtained at SunSolve Online, at http://sunsolve.sun.com. Check with your local Sun service provider for the best method for getting the most recent EIS CD, and any additional patches for your operating environment.

Key Practice: Create a /PATCHES directory on a dedicated Management Server to store all patches. This enables centralized patch management. For example, the Sun BluePrints™ BPLAB hardware has been configured with a 'master' JumpStart server, which will serve all software binaries and patches, and act as the repository.

Key Practice: Refer to the individual patch README files to review any installation prerequisites before installing patches. Using this practice could possibly prevent conflicts with other patches, software, bootprom variables, or other unknowns.

Step 1.3.2

For local (manual) installations only, install all recommended patches for Solaris 8, as per the EIS Installation Checklist. Patch installation instructions are located on the EIS-CD under: <eis-cd1>.../sun/patch/SunCluster/3.0/8

Step 1.3.3

On the clustadm workstation, ensure patches were installed successfully (and applied).

Key Practice: Review the /var/sadm/README file to identify important log files to be examined, as well as the /var/sadm/install_data/Solaris_2.8_Recommended_log file. Resolve any patch installation errors which may occur. Refer to SC3.0 U3 Error Messages Manual for error message translations. See also the References section for obtaining this manual.

Step 1.3.4

For local (manual) installations, reboot the clustadm workstation after all patches have been successfully installed and applied.

Key Practice: Reboot the system after patches have been installed and applied. It is often a good idea to reboot the system after changes are made to system software and configuration files. For example, at this time, reboot the clustadm workstation after patches have been installed, ensuring changes are applied, and that a consistent state has been achieved.

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