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Brief Description or the Globus Toolkit 2.0

The Globus Toolkit 2.0 is an open architecture, open source software toolkit developed by the Globus project. A full description of the Globus Toolkit can be found at the Globus web site. The next generation of the Globus Toolkit (GT3.0) will be available in alpha at the time of the release of this BluePrints article.

FIGURE 1 shows the three pillars of GT2.0 and GT2.2, each of which rely upon the Globus Security Infrastructure (GSI) base layer. The following is a brief description of these components:

Figure 1FIGURE 1 Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA).

Globus Security Infrastructure (GSI)

The Globus Security Infrastructure provides the underlying security for the three pillars. GSI is based upon public key encryption. Each time any of the pillars are invoked to perform some transaction between Globus resources in that VO, GSI provides the mutual authentication between the hosts involved.

Globus Resource Allocation Manager (GRAM)

GRAM provides the ability to submit and control jobs. GRAM includes the Resource Specification Language in which users can describe their job requirements. Once submitted, the job might be forked on some grid resource or might be passed on to a DRM such as Condor or grid engine.

Monitoring and Discovery Services (MDS)

MDS provides the ability to discover the available resources on the grid. MDS implements a hierarchical structure of LDAP databases. Each grid resource can be configured to report to a local database and this information is aggregated in the higher-level databases. Grid users can query the high-level databases to discover up-to-date information on grid resources.

Data Grid

Data grid provides the ability to transfer files efficiently (using grid FTP) and also provides a data replica management service.

There are a number of implementations of the programmer's interface to the Globus Toolkit. Commodity Grid (CoG) kits have been developed for Java™, Python, Web Services, and Perl among others. The Java CoG kit provides a J2SE 1.2.2 compliant interface for the Java environment.

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