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xUnit Test Patterns: Test Double Patterns
Nov 30, 2009
Gerard Meszaros discusses Test Double Patterns, including Test Double Usage and Test Double Construction.
"Don't Talk to Our People..." and Other Warehousing Death Knells
Sep 2, 2001
Mark W. Humphries and Michelle C. Dy present IT war stories from their data warehousing consulting practice.
"Open Sesame" or Not? Use the Right Access Controls
Apr 12, 2002
"Open Sesame" or Not? Administrators must use the correct access controls to ensure a secure system.
"The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got" with Rand Morimoto
Feb 19, 2013
Rand Morimoto, Microsoft MVP and president of Convergent Computing, writes about the importance of learning PowerShell, even if you're comfortable with using GUIs.
.NET Compact Framework Graphics
Nov 12, 2004
Learn about the support that the .NET Compact Framework provides programs for creating graphical output, including limitations and how to supplement the programs with the help of GDI functions.
.NET Compact Framework Graphics
Oct 1, 2004
Sometimes, great things come in small packages, and that's certainly the case with Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework. This chapter will show you how to apply graphical interfaces to your .NET programs.
.NET e-Business: Enabling Inter-Application Communications
Feb 8, 2002
This chapter from .NET e-Business Architecture introduces you to the tools and technologies available today that make it possible to produce great distributed software systems using the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Solutions Platform.
10 Keys to Successful Technology Acquisitions
Jun 15, 2001
How can you buy the right technology from the right vendor, and at the right price for your business? Technology acquisition expert Allen Eskelin discusses the 10 keys to a successful technology acquisition.
10 Questions to Ask To Find a Great, Green Data Center Site
Apr 17, 2009
Doug Alger provides 10 questions to ask about property you're considering for your next Data Center to help you have a productive, green server environment.
10 Things I Hate About (U)NIX
Nov 4, 2005
UNIX was a terrific workhorse for its time, but eventually the old nag needs to be put out to pasture. David Chisnall argues that it's time to retire UNIX in favor of modern systems with a lot more horsepower.
11 Characteristics of a World-Class Infrastructure
Nov 8, 2002
Many criteria distinguish a world-class infrastructure from a mediocre one. In this article, infrastructure expert Rich Schiesser describes 11 of the most common factors.
12 More Essential Skills for Software Architects: Technology Innovation
Aug 25, 2014
This chapter from 12 More Essential Skills for Software Architects unveils one of the essential skills needed by a software architect: the ability to identify, assess, and infuse new and potentially disruptive technologies in a business-centric fashion.
21 Rules of Thumb for Managing Software People and Teams
Dec 19, 2019
An oft-overlooked tool in a manager's arsenal is the 'rule of thumb'—a short, pithy statement embodying a powerful message that makes a lasting impression on the listener. Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty, co-authors of Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams, identify eight major management challenges and 21 rules of thumb to help managers address those challenges.
4Ci Update: More Solutions for Command, Control, and Communications in Time of Disaster
Apr 21, 2008
Every organization should be prepared with alternative methods for accessing communications systems in case of an emergency.
A .NET Framework Text and Font Primer
Apr 21, 2006
Almost any application you write has to display text in some form or another. But how do you make it all come together? The .NET Framework makes text display and fonts a snap. Peter Aitken shares the basics.
A Blade Server Primer
Aug 27, 2004
Network management specialist Stephen Morris discusses the emerging area of blade servers. This key data center technology has important implications for hard-pressed IT managers.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 1
Oct 26, 2007
David Chisnall takes a look at some of the developments that created the current crop of languages.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 2
Nov 2, 2007
David Chisnall examines the rise of object-oriented programming and the models used to write parallel code.
A Checklist for Evaluating Professional Services Firms
Jun 21, 2002
How do you find a really great provider of professional services? Don't be blown away by impressive presentations. Use this simple checklist of questions from Thomas Lah to find the companies that can really help you reach your professional services goals.
A Cisco Telephony Architecture Evolution
Sep 3, 2004
This chapter introduces the concept of ROI, and provides the background and reasoning behind Cisco's decision to migrate to an all-IP network.

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