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21 Rules of Thumb for Managing Software People and Teams
Dec 19, 2019
An oft-overlooked tool in a manager's arsenal is the 'rule of thumb'—a short, pithy statement embodying a powerful message that makes a lasting impression on the listener. Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty, co-authors of Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams, identify eight major management challenges and 21 rules of thumb to help managers address those challenges.
Cutting a Monster Project Down to a Manageable Size
Jan 2, 2014
Most major tasks seem overwhelming when viewed as a whole. Pat Brans advises taking a step back from the distracting enormity of the goal. By breaking it into achievable segments that fit together to complete the task, you can stay focused and accomplish your mission one segment at a time.
Lessons in Software Project Management from Healthcare.gov
Nov 28, 2013
Ron Lichty and Mickey Mantle talk about how the orchestrators of Healthcare.gov clearly ignored the many of the rules of thumb for software development that are important for those of us tasked with such responsibility.
Microsoft Project 2013 and the Project Management Domain
Oct 31, 2013
This chapter identifies accepted standards and methodologies that are in use within the field of project management and provides some examples of how they are used with Project.
Getting Started in Microsoft Project 2010 After the Business Initiative Is Approved
Mar 11, 2011
This chapter shows you how to plan for a successful project by setting the direction, sharing the vision, and establishing the rules of the project.
Lean Integration for Health Care: Healthy Data for the Future
Aug 10, 2010
John G. Schmidt, coauthor of Lean Integration: An Integration Factory Approach to Business Agility, believes that health care in the U.S. will inevitably slide into adopting lean principles. But why should we wait for this desirable state? He explains the current issues that make lean crucial and the obstacles that we need to overcome in getting lean.
Project Management for IT Pros: An Interview with Rita Mulcahy
Jan 4, 2010
Tim Warner interviews Rita Mulcahy about her new Cisco Press book, how an IT executive makes sense of the often-confusing world of PM certifications, and how an IT decision maker can identify and avoid the most common PM pitfalls.
Project Management Crash Course: What is a Project Charter?
Oct 28, 2009
Rita Mulcahy defines the concept of a project charter and provides examples of soft and hard metrics of a project.
Trends in Software Economics
Apr 8, 2009
This rise in predictability of software project management has allowed the emergence of cost estimation techniques, which the authors discuss in this introduction to their book.
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management: Essential Elements for Any Successful Project
Feb 12, 2009
Learn the leading causes of "troubled" projects, and the common principles, techniques, and tools underlying most successful projects.
Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Project Management: Controlling a Project
Oct 22, 2008
Here are the "need to know" fundamentals of project control that will greatly reduce your learning curve and accelerate your effectiveness as a project manager.
Minimizing Technology Project Delays with Digital Libraries
Aug 19, 2008
This whitepaper shows how on-demand access to trusted technoloy information ensures timely IT project success.
Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play: How "Buy a Feature" Works
Aug 4, 2008
Imrprove the quality of your product features by asking your customers to help you pick them.
The Project Manager’s Personal Bridge to Agility
Aug 4, 2008
Moving to Agile project management is scary. Stacia Broderick eases the transition.
Executing SOA: A Methodology for Service Modeling and Design
Jul 17, 2008
This chapter provides a detailed overview of a service-oriented design methodology and covers the SOA reference architecture.
Eating the IT Elephant: Abstraction Works Only in a Perfect World
Jul 16, 2008
This chapter examines the necessary technical context, requirements, and characteristics of the Elephant Eater.
The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility: Scope Management
May 21, 2008
Agile project management can help you plan for and handle changes in a project's scope.
Microsoft Project and the Project Management Domain
Apr 1, 2008
This chapter provides the context for the use of Microsoft Project within the domain of project management.
Practical Software Estimation: Size, Effort, and Scheduling of Projects
Jan 25, 2008
This chapter explains the Function Point Analysis model for estimating the size of an application.
Software Teamwork: Flexibility and Rigor
Dec 28, 2007
Follow these guidelines to ensure that your software development approach will truly help get the job done.

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