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Coding Your First Project with Roblox and Lua
By Official Roblox Books(Pearson)
Dec 23, 2021
Learn how to set up Roblox Studio, make your first script, and test your code.
Relational Database Components
By Ryan Stephens
Dec 23, 2021
Outlines the key components of the relational database and how SQL relates to the rational database.
Getting Started with Your iPhone
By Brad Miser
Dec 21, 2021
Understand how to use some of the foundational features you use on an iPhone running iOS 15.
Software System Logging
By Mark Seemann
Dec 21, 2021
What you should be logging while building a software system.
How to Install and Use Apps on Your iPad
By Michael R. Miller
Dec 17, 2021
Step-by-step tutorial to finding, purchasing, and managing apps on iPads running iPadOS 15.
How to Avoid Singletons in Modern C++
By J. Guy Davidson, Kate Gregory
Dec 16, 2021
Learn how to avoid singletons in Modern C++: the pattern, not the single-instance abstraction.
Method Naming in API Design
By Mark Seemann
Dec 14, 2021
How X'ing out the method name in API design can help to avoid team confusion.
Measuring Network Activity
By Richard L Sites
Dec 10, 2021
How to measure what the operating-system and device microcode layers of “automatic transmission” are deciding to do and when to help improve software performance optimization.
The Science of Test-Driven Development
By Mark Seemann
Dec 7, 2021
How to use the Red Green Refactor cycle to test your code.
Why Undergo a Digital Transformation?
By Thomas Erl, Roger Stoffers
Dec 6, 2021
The many positive things a digital transformation can bring to an organization.
Strategic Monoliths and Microservices: Preface
By Tomasz Jaskula, Vaughn Vernon
Nov 21, 2021
How this book is designed and who will benefit from reading it.
Software Documentation: How Much Is Enough?
By Karl Wiegers
Nov 9, 2021
When you should record requirements and other pertinent information while developing software.
Learning from Painful Experience
Oct 28, 2021
How Can I Motivate My Team to Change?
By Karl Wiegers
Oct 26, 2021
Learn how to ease your team into process improvement and other change initiatives.
How to Find Boundaries for Modules, Microservices, or Bounded Contexts
By Stefan Hofer, Henning Schwentner
Oct 19, 2021
Most domains are too big to be understood and modeled as a whole. In such cases, you need to break down a domain into manageable units.
Sequences in the Python Programming Language
By Kennedy Behrman
Oct 7, 2021
An introduction to shared sequence operations, lists and tuples, strings and string methods, and ranges in Python.
What is Domain Storytelling
By Stefan Hofer, Henning Schwentner
Oct 5, 2021
Explains what Domain Storytelling is and how it assists software development.
Converting Game Design Attributes to Numbers
By Dax Gazaway
Aug 17, 2021
Bring your game ideas to life by converting your data, including the attributes you want your game to have, into numbers.
Deep Learning Frameworks and Network Tweaks
By Magnus Ekman
Aug 17, 2021
Learn how to solve real-world problems using a DL framework.
Renewable Energy Sources
By Vivek Utgikar
Aug 15, 2021
Various primary renewable sources are described.

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