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Moving Around in a Clip

One of the most enjoyable parts about playing with footage in iMovie is the way that you can easily move around in a clip in the same way that you might use the remote control on your VCR or DVD player to find a spot in a movie. In iMovie, as you're editing your creation, you'll often want to move through various parts of individual clips or the overall movie as it takes shape. Instead of playing through the entire movie, you can quickly get to the spot that you want, with a control called the playhead, which is located at the bottom of the Monitor window (see Figure 3.11).

Figure 3.11Figure 3.11 A close-up view of the playhead along with the timestamp for that spot in your video clip.

Task: Go to a Specific Spot in a Clip

To go to a specific spot in a clip:

  1. Click on the playhead, and hold down the mouse button.

  2. Drag the playhead horizontally to the left or right to find the spot that you want. The number of minutes and seconds are displayed next to the playhead as you drag it, indicating how far into the clip you are, as shown in Figure 3.12.

Figure 3.12Figure 3.12 The playhead dragged to just past 2 seconds into a video clip.

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