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Clip Viewer

The Clip Viewer (see Figure 3.5) is an alternative to the Timeline Viewer, representing another way of looking at video clips that some people might prefer. In the Clip Viewer, video clips are treated more like icons. You can easily click and drag an individual clip to position it differently and thus have a different order for your video production.

Shuffling video clips in iMovie is kind of like playing a card game such as Solitaire, where you lay cards down in a particular order, and then come back later and move them into different positions. We'll talk more about the Clip Viewer in the next hour.


If you're new to digital video, try imagining iMovie as your "word processor for video." You can re-arrange, delete, and add material, but instead of working with paragraphs, you're working with video clips!

Figure 3.5Figure 3.5 The Clip Viewer offers an alternative way to look at your clips.

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