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This chapter is from the book


The workshop contains quiz questions and activities to help you solidify your knowledge of the material in this hour. Try to answer all of the questions before looking at the quiz answers that follow.


  1. Does Mail have to be running to use the Mail scripts?

  2. How do you start folder action scripts?

Quiz Answers

  1. Any application that is the target of a tell block needs to be running for it to work. AppleScript will launch it if necessary.

  2. Use the Folder Actions submenu of the Script Menu to attach actions to the selected folder in the Finder. Thereafter, the folder action scripts are triggered automatically by your interaction with the folder.


Experiment with the built-in scripts, but remember the caution that the Finder scripts rename selections and can rename all the files in a folder if that is what is selected.

Create a folder and attach Folder Action scripts to it. See what happens as you move files in and out. Think of the folders you normally use that would benefit from having Folder Actions attached to them.

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