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The Thesis

The purpose of this book is to share with you the insights and knowledge that we have gained from the journey we have been on for nearly a decade. We are applied researchers and software engineers that have been developing technologies to address real-world business problems. We have implemented and experimented with variations of most approaches and algorithms that are espoused in the literature, as well as quite a few new techniques of our own. Through trial and error, insight, and sometimes good luck, we have come up with an approach, supported by technology, that we think will revolutionize the definition of business intelligence and how businesses leverage information analytics into the future.

Our work can be summarized in one simple thesis:

  • A methodology centered around developing taxonomies that capture both domain knowledge and business objectives is necessary to successfully unlock the business value in all kinds of unstructured information.

In this introduction, we will take you through the thinking that has led us to this conclusion, and outline the methodology we use to Mine the Talk to create lasting business value.

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