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Adding Your Own Audio

Although electronic synthesized voice can be quite compelling, you can also provide your own recorded audio in the form of 8-bit .wav files. Listing 2 combines both synthesized speech and an audio track.

Listing 2 Adding an audio .wav file to a dialog

1 <vxml version = "2.1" >

2 <form>
3  <block>
4   Here’s a special birthday message for you.
5   <audio src="happybirthday.wav"/>
6   We hope you are enjoying your day.
7  </block>
8 </form>
9 </vxml>

The result of the above VoiceXML is a combination of synthesized and actual voice or music. Because the value of the src attribute is interpreted as a URI, the audio file reference can be relative to the location of the VoiceXML document (as in line 5) or absolute, as in the following:

<audio src="http://www.server.com/vxml/song1.wav"/>

In effect, .wav files available on the public Internet can be used within your voice application.

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