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CI and You

In order for CI to work effectively on a project, developers must change their typical day-to-day software development habits. Developers must commit code more frequently, make it a priority to fix broken builds, write automated builds with tests that pass 100% of the time, and not get or commit broken code from/to the version control repository.

The practices we recommend take some discipline, yet provide the benefits stated throughout this chapter. The best situation is one where most project members agree that there is an exponential payback to the time and attention they pay to the practices of CI.

There are seven practices that we've found work well for individuals and teams running CI on a project.

  • Commit code frequently
  • Don't commit broken code
  • Fix broken builds immediately
  • Write automated developer tests
  • All tests and inspections must pass
  • Run private builds
  • Avoid getting broken code

The following sections cover each practice in greater detail.

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