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Practicing CI is more than installing and configuring some tools. How many of the following items are you consistently performing on your project? How many of the other CI practices can improve your development capabilities?

  • On average, is everyone on your team committing code at least once a day? Are you employing techniques to make it easier to commit code often?
  • What percentage of each day's integration builds is successful (that is, the most recent build run has passed)?
  • Is everyone on your team running a private build before committing to the repository so that integration errors are reduced?
  • Have you scripted your builds to fail if any of your tests or inspections fail?
  • Is a broken integration build a priority to fix on your projects?
  • Do you avoid getting the latest code from the version control system when there is a broken build?
  • How often do you consider adding automated processes to your build and CI system—on a continuous or even periodic basis?
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